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Thread: Does CDRIP use the rip function in Winamp?

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    Does CDRIP use the rip function in Winamp?

    just a little curious, is the CDRIP plugin completely stand alone? Does it use the ripper in winamp in any way?

    The reason i ask is usualy (until recently) i rip my music to mp3 using WMP cause its free and it also grabs album art while ripping.
    The latest version on winamp now supports ripping CDs at 8x without having to buy the pro version, previous versions only ripped at 2x so why bother (makes you feel like its 1997 all over again).
    Anyway, the new verson of winamp supports ripping to aac which in my test at 128k sounds exactly like a 320k mp3 file, if not better! So a sizeable portion of my music lib is about to be re-ripped from the original CDs.

    what i really want to know is, does the CDRIP plugin support ripping to aac or mp4-aac?


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    The CDRip plugin is 100% stand alone and requires ASPI support to work. No other software is necesary. It use Lame to encode the mp3s and it is strictly for MP3 output.

    While other formats can be played in winamp, you should consider that RR only supports MP3 TAGS. AAC, MP4, VQF, WMA, OGG etc, will NOT have tags loaded in RR. The new version will be able to load Tag info from the Winamp library when (and only when) the winamp library used to make playlists. If you search the internet, you'll find that between AAC, MP3, WMA and OGG, OGG is the best format available. I have not done enough research on MP4 and honestly I don't think I will.. MP3 is by far the most compatible and flexible format going around.. no codecs, no hassle, no copy protection BS, nothing to worry about... virtually anything works with MP3 today, so why should I jump into another format that will just give me a headache when trying to use this or that program, computer etc...
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    i dont really care about tags to be honest, as long as there is an option to show the file name in place of the tag then im cool. MP3 is the most compatible, but IMO is on its last leg. I almost forgott about OGG so i may have to do some more testing. My music lib is getting to fat (file size wise).

    but as far as cdrip goes, forget all the stuff i was saying, i just realised it dosent really matter much for me anyway as out of the 2+years ive had my carputer i dont think ive ever ripped a CD inside of the car, so everhthing is pretty much mute. lol.

    This is actually a little problem of mine, i tend to spend a lot of time gettiing something to work that im not even going to use. go figure.

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