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Thread: Radio from mobile phone idea

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    Radio from mobile phone idea

    Hi Guino,

    Wouldn't it be possible to somehow connect and tap into a radio equipped mobile phone and use its radio function?

    This would solve our car pc radio problem no?

    Maybe a bit simplistic...sorry newbie here.


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    something along the lines of a cheap mp3 player with built in fm tuner would be more ideal. There arent a whole lof of cellphones with fm radios, and getting a new phone sometimes isnt as easy. I know im very picky about cellphones (it has to be a sony).

    I would much wrather see everyone on this board agree on a usb fm tuner that everyone can get and know it works with multiple frontends.

    but who listens to FM anymore anyway?

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    An WinTV FM card is way cheaper than any cellphone or Mp3 player and I'd go as far as saying that probably cheaper than any "interfacing" equipment required to control those from the computer..

    If you want to simply control it from the device, just set the line in plugin and plug the device into the Line in plug and you should hear it when going into the radio screen..
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