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Thread: RR 09-09-05 ... Yup, it's my Birthday!

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    Arrow RR 09-09-05 ... Yup, it's my Birthday!

    In this version:

    -Added iPod Support for "SELECT|+" and "ADD1" other then on songs
    -Added iPod Playlists Support
    -Added Playlist Tag Cache (to keep last used tags)
    -Added two new folder listing types (selectable for each screen)
    -Added support for custom alignment of Directory/Folder lists
    -Added support for custom alignment of Phonebook list
    -Added support to set Start Path of Folder Browser for non-standard "browsing" screens
    -Added support to load Tags from Ipod's DB into Playlist (Faster)
    -Added support to load Tags from Winamp Library into Playlist (Faster)
    -Added support to select the sound device to use with RR's mixer
    -Added "TOPPB" and "BOTTOMPB" indicators
    -Added "ACTIVEPL", "ACTIVEDL" and "ACTIVEPB" indicators
    -Added "CLEARTEXT" command (to clear OSK text)
    -Improved Phoco support and Added SMS support (Thanks to Hematec)
    -Fixed issue with Balance set to full left when master volume was Zero (starting RR)
    -Fixed issue with XMPCR not resuming after Hibernation
    -Fixed issue with Flash labels/info not updating propperly

    -iPod support is now completed, including support to load iPod playlists. Just remember to add the ipoddrive setting to RR.INI and you should be ready to go. If you're concerned with diconnecting/reconnecting iPods, the best thing you can do is NOT install iTunes (and it's services) on your CarPC. The iPod support in RR does NOT require iTunes NOR the mliPod plugin for winamp.
    -Read Skin Commands.txt to learn about browsing by thumbnails and such. RR will look for the album art setting within folder to display the thumbnail for. I may post test skins for this later/at request.
    -You can now set the sound card device to use with RR's mixer by adding this line to RR.INI:
    soundcard=0|N (0=Use default mixer, N=Use the N soundcard/mixer number)
    -If you select files from the iPod or Winamp Library (browsing by artist/genre/album etc.) RR will load the tags for the files from the library. This is much faster than re-reading the files (specially from the iPod) and allows you to use tags of non-Mp3 files within RR (for instance AAC, MP4 etc) . As long as the Winamp Library or iTunes is aware of the tag format, RR should be able to load and display them.
    -SMS support is BETA and I may end up changing one or two things here and there. This Phoco support was nearly re-built by Hematec and seems to be working fairly well. Download the MMI skin on my site for example of a skin with SMS support (This changes are exactly as I got them from hematec -- I did very basic testing so far).

    Other than the above, just Added a few more indicators and fixed a few more issues. So far, I've seen 2 cars on CNet running RR as front end. I'd invite anyone that uses RR and has a "pimped out" ride to show off their cars there too (just like to see the result of my work)

    As always, thanks for you support,
    Ride Runner RR's Myspace

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    Awesome. Can't wait to test the new features out.

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    man get off the computer and GO OUT AND PARTY! i think the people who use your frontend will understand if your a day behind

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    jsut downlaoded your program, good stuff dude, i should have my car done 4 month
    3 month till i get licence

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    Happy Birthday.

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    Happy Birthday from the Mobile-Effects team!

    Free file hosting, picture gallery hosting for installs, PM me.

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    oh snap! happy birthday guino. Thanks a bunch for all you've done for the mp3 car community!

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    thanks for the awesome frontend.

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