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Thread: Letters on audo browser?

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    Letters on audio browser?

    Just wondering if its possible to add letters to the bottom of the audio browser window.. so that if you press "R" it would autoscroll to albums beginning with R. Would make life easier for people with loads of albums
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    You could have a folder for each letter and keep all albums starting with that letter in that folder. IE - Albums>R>Rage against the machine>
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    Or you can simply hit she search button, type in what you're looking for and hit enter and the results will come up just as you've organized it.. they keypress isn't a bad idea but it would limit the ability of KeyTBL.ini where you can map keys to do specific actions. You can also use "SEARCHLIST" to type in a few keys and 'jump' to the next position in the list that matches the typed text.
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