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Thread: How do you set your volume levels

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    How do you set your volume levels

    I realise this may not be a road runner specific problem but it may be that some of you have get the answer to this problem by adjusting the road runner volume percentages.

    So my question is how do you set up your system volume so you can use the entire range of the volume slidder. I am using Road runner with winamp and an external amp. The problem I have is I only ever seem to have my volume on 30% max, I can turn it up to 100% but it doesn't seem to sound much louder once I get past 30%, I have tried turning down the wave and winamp volumes to half but I still find myself with asimular level of volume from 30 - 100%.

    I am using an onboard sound card, any ideas?

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    I usually have my winamp volume set to 50%. I found that for me its the best volume level when i turn it up all the way in road runner. Try setting the winamp volume higher in the equalizer screen. Hope that helps.

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    Following on from Cruizer's question I'd appreciate some tips on how to control the sound levels from several different sources. In my case I have the voice output from the sat nav program, speed camera verbal warnings and of corse RoadRunner. Each of these sorces are produced at different levels but I only have one volume contol - the wav slider.

    Please help!


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