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Thread: Problem mapping the "down" keyboard function in road runner

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    Problem mapping the "down" keyboard function in road runner


    I am setting up some keyboard shortcuts in Road runner because i am going to use a shuttleXpress control. No everythings turns out to work as expected, except i can't program the "down" function (to go down in a list of songs or so...) I do this on the same way as i am using the "up" function, but still no good ???? Any suggestions ? Ps: this has nothing to do with the shuttleXpress. I am currently just mapping shortcuts from my keyboard e.g : button "F" has got to have the "DOWN" functionality ....

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    cant you use the down arrow key? thats what ive mapped my steering paddle control to

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    post ypur keytbl.ini, otherwise we have no way to guess what's wrong..
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