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Thread: problem with ExecTBL.ini priority

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    problem with ExecTBL.ini priority

    hey guino:

    when RR is loaded and it finds the ExecTBL.ini inside the skin folder, The ExecTBL.ini file that is in the ROOT still has priority over the one loaded from the skin folder.

    So for example if i have this command in the ExecTBL.ini file in the root
    "ONDIRCLICK","RUN;C:\playfile.exe|C:\Music.wav "

    and this command in the ExecTBL.ini file in the skin folder
    "ONDIRCLICK","RUN;C:\playfile.exe|C:\Sound.wav "

    when there is a conflict of the same command found twice, the root file takes priority, since whoever is making a skin cant know what what is in the root file on anyones machine, the skin file should take priority if a duplicate command is found.
    so in the example above Sound.wav should play instead of music.wav


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    Noo... the main exectbl.ini should take priority over anything else in order to allow overriding functions defined on the skin's exectbl.ini -- otherwise, there's really no need for the main INI. If you consider the fact that 90% of the users don't even touch that file, this should not become an issue at all, and in the case it does for the 10% that mess with it, those users know how to open the main INI and set things straight.

    In your example, if a user already has say: "ONDIRCLICK","BROWSE" and your skin's definition took over it, then the desired function would go away. If this user (that knows about such settings) wants to, he can simply combine your command with the original one in either of the INI files.
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    that makes since, i guess i was a little confused then as to how the second file was loaded.

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