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Thread: Strange problem with Music Playing.

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    Strange problem with Music Playing.

    Using default Skins with RR and am not sure if it is a problem with RR or Winamp.

    On playing tracks and RR on Menu screen music plays fine, but on occasion when it goes to the next track there is no sound. As soon as I press the Music button in RR the audio returns and the track plays normally. You can see the song position slider is not at the start but has played for some time without audio. If I keep it on the Audio player screen it changes to the next track ok. Only seems to happen when on the menu screen.

    Any ideas???

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    I have seen this happen, but only with audio devices being plugged/unplugged (i.e. USB sound card, Bluetooth devices etc). This is an inssue with winamp. You may try a different output plugin than the one you're using now.
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