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Thread: RR is running really slow...

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    Oct 2005
    Still frustrated with the slow launch times, I went and uninstalled version dated 10/7/05 and put back version dated 5/12/2005.

    All is back to normal now (about 3 to 4 times faster launching menu buttons).

    In addition, the volume slider issue I was having is no longer.

    I'm using the BMV2 and Zots skins just downloaded from the rr page. So far no issues.

    If I can't get the newer versions to run right on my system, what major features will I be lacking?

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    My RR is also very slow after i last reinstalled windows.

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    MEDIACAR "audioplayer" Skin
    audio_player_off.jpg,audio_player_off.jpg,audio_pl ayer_on.jpg,audio_player_down.jpg

    Whats up with that. Im seeing ****. there is a space between "audio_pl" and "ayer_on.jpg" but when i quote it it fixes itself.

    Anyone else see that or have i been up too long? If im not seeing things then TheKingPlazza: is that how the file has it too?
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    Yep I'm also seeing the space
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjfta
    Also, maybe some has come across this problem. When I first touch the volume control (after rr boots), sound stops. I have to move the slider all the way to zero then back up to get sound. Once this is done volume controls function normally.
    I had the same problem too... I did a fresh install of windows yesterday, the volume problems are over now...
    RR is running slow as in my previous install, i also used another Win XP Pro cd.
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    I noticed this also. It started maybe 3-4 releases ago, I wish I could remember which one. Maybe I can reload old releases until I can figure out where it started. Each screen is very slow to load ONLY the first time. Once you have loaded it up one time them it is very zippy.

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    I find exactly the same thing. I just put it down to the hardware im using, but maybe its not the problem?

    I find that the first time a screen loads it takes ages, but once its up its very fast between screens (almost instant)

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    Chrishick or others,

    Have you been able to determine what version of RR you started to experience the long load times? I we can isolate the version, maybe it will be possible to determine the problem. (something changed that isn't agreeable to systems)

    My project had been on the self since May. I only just recently started working on it again. Hence, I do not have any versions other than the current and one dated back in May of 2005.

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    i wish i knew. It was somewhere between the beginning or mid september when i noticed it. I thought it was because my epia wasnt able to keep up all the sudden. But if this problem is noted throughout the community then maybe its not that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02
    i wish i knew. It was somewhere between the beginning or mid september when i noticed it. I thought it was because my epia wasnt able to keep up all the sudden. But if this problem is noted throughout the community then maybe its not that.
    I'll try and make up some "speed" tweaking settings to where you'll be able to turn off a few standard features and then play around with those to try and find out what's causing it to be "slow"...
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