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Thread: audio player problem

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    video player problem

    Is this a bug or am I the only one having this problem .When I go into video player and then browse for video its and play them its fine when I go back into music it still has the videos in my playlist instead of the music I had loaded before into my playlist .

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    That's because there is no seperate playlist for the video browser. (Guino: will this be added?) Maybe you can add some command to the music button so it clears the playlist before it shows it, but that will also happen when you have selected music.

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    well, if it is switching from video to audio mode, then your playlist should be automatically restored... what skin are you using ? can you produce a debug file of when you get the problem ? (add debugmode=true to RR.INI run RR, make the problem happen, then post debug.txt)..
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    I can switch back and fourth without issue. My music playlist is restored as Guino states.


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    Hmm weird it started working correctly now thanks don't know why it was doing it before

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