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Thread: Can a hovering button be implemented ?

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    Can a hovering button be implemented ?


    While in the final stages of tweaking my carpc I came across a small problem concerning the size of the navigation map. In order to have more detail, the map should be made full screen. This is easy enough to do. The hard part is to switch it back to normal size. When in full screen mode, the map area should not contain and buttons or indicators. Only one button should be hovering over the map to permit the switching of the map to normal size with all the control buttons. Can such a hovering button be made in RoadRunner. I tried doing it with transperancy but did not succeed.
    The chopped photo shows what I'm trying to do. The red button on the bottom right corner is hovering over the map. When this button is pressed the map will switch to normal size.

    Any help would be deeply appreciated
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    currently there is no way to do this.

    It would be cool though, i definately would use it. The only way i can see how this would work is to make another screen that only has that one button and that screen is forced to stay on top no matter what. So in essense it is possible, there are many pop up screens in RR that stay on top, but are usually only used for brief moments, like the gps menu, exit menus etc.

    If you could tag a screen with an allways on top setting
    allow to click through to the under screen
    allow the loading of 2screens at the same time

    then it would work.

    You could do some cool stuff, like put buttons directly on the map (like skinbedder), or shape a window.
    The more i think about this the cooler it sounds

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    is this on FD your wanting this ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CdRsKuLL
    is this on FD your wanting this ?

    Yes CdRsKuLL, it is FD that I'm using. Do you think that something like this could be implemented in FD ?
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    You could use SkinBedder to do this.. the only side effect is that whatever you make will actually show the whole time... but if that was built in FD, it would prob. be best anyway...

    CDR, I wonder how hard it would be for you to allow creation of custom buttons that could use comsend to send commands directly to RR.. ? just a thought...
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