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Thread: RR and hibernation.

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    RR and hibernation.

    Ive just switched from FP to RR in the car, and i find that RR is heap faster when loading from an hibernated state... but its bludy unstable! i had to go out and buy a key board so i can press F8 because my resume from hibernation screen frezzes once every few days.. i never had a problem with FP

    does anyone else have this sort of problem?

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    I don't. I use RR and hibernation. It's been about 3 or 4 weeks since I shutdown or restarted the computer. The whole thing was a little flaky at first, when I first installed it, but it's been very stable for quite a while now.

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    the other progs i run with it are

    & gama control

    maybe there doing something???

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    Hibernation seems to be working flawlessly for me. I just have Iguidance running with RR though

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    I've had some issues before with RR after hibernation, with the playlist. It would forward to the next song randomly many times in a row. but I wasn't using the latest version.
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    Hibernation works perfectly for me as well. I use iGuidance, and have zero stability problems. RR always resumes music from where it last left off like it's supposed to.

    What doesn't work, however is resuming music from the track I was last on when I shut down and then cold boot. It always resumes on the same track every time, no matter what track I was on. Yet restarting works perfectly. I'm attributing that to using Minlogon and Minlogon Shutdown.exe.
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    Hibernation works for me,

    although freedrive takes awhile to pick up the GPS and and occasionally like this morning it never does so I have to restart.

    but if I have hibernateaware=true, then RR has trouble starting the music again unless I touch the screen, but Freedrive picks up the GPS straight away.

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    i use gpsgae to hold the gps signal. and it it opens virtual ports for freedrive and other gps programs

    i dont have a problem with it resuming from the same spot. when it works it works fine.. just every couple of days the hibernation screen will freze, but the music with continue to play from where i left it?

    where is the hibernateaware=true code?
    ive seen it b4 and im pretty sure ive set it to true, but i cant find it now

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    well i dont think i have this code in the car..
    what does this line help do?

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