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Thread: Making a skin for my car, few questions

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    Making a skin for my car, few questions

    Well, I'm making a skin for my car, because I just want one that only has the things I need specifically. I also wanted a pretty large visualization window, while still getting adequate album info.

    This is the audio player:

    Now every time when the player starts up, the volume slider stays in the same place it was when the computer shut down, but any adjustment of the volume takes it immediately to 0% volume, but the slider adjusts from where it is. Meaning when I first start the computer up, and I press volume +, the volume goes immediately to 0 and begins increasing from there, but the slider increases from the position it was in originally, and it doesn't show the true value. So eventually from turning it up all the time, the slider just hangs at 100% all the time. I realize thats a little wordy. I read about the problem on the forums when I searched, but I couldn't find a solution.

    I cannot remember the other questions I have to go to work, sorry if this thread is a waste of your time right now, but I'll post the more important problems tonight or tomorrow.

    Although, another thing is that winamp always starts over road runner. Thats not really a big deal, it just doesnt look good. Doesn't make the setup as cool when theres little things like that that happen.

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    sorry guys, I was in the RR Skin forum when I posted this, I don't know how I managed to post it into the general Road Runner forum. If a mod could be so kind as to move this, I would appreciate it.

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    Those "MIXER" issues are generally a problem with the sound card DRIVER -- please download/install the latest ones you can... I'm pretty sure that the same problem will happen with other skins, meaning it's not related to your skin.

    The winamp showing up "problem" can be solved by clicking "hide winamp" in RRConfig.
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    Oh, thats simple. Thanks

    Sorry I am inept with computers, so I probably shouldn't have put one in my car.

    Also, is there a way to run explorer.exe once I exit Road Runner? Because right now it's booting directly into Road Runner. If I can't exit to browse my computer if I need to, I'd rather just put road runner in the startup folder.

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