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Thread: touch screen beep + LCD control

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    touch screen beep + LCD control

    Hey guys,

    I got my touchscreen today and installed it and hooked up laptop temporarily to see if its all good, and i am stoked (lilliput motorised). It is clear, responsive and ****en cool. Now im just waiting on my M1atx so i can power external hubs/drives etc. I am using road runner but it even does it on desktop

    a) when i touch the touch screen with a press, it responds as planned, but it beeps. This gets tedious, any ideas?

    b) finally, my laptop outputs a beautiful 800x600 to the screen which looks great, but i have to do FN+F7 to switch from internal to external lcd. Since my lappy will be under seat, this is not an option, how can i fix this?

    Thank You
    From a very excited near carputer boy
    Progress 50%
    Next Step: Making Enclosure, Hard Wiring PSU

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    touch screen beep and lcd

    please dont double post the post above is where the thread should be this doent have much to do with rr at all
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