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Thread: problems with video + road runner.

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    problems with video + road runner.

    Im running road runner on a very modest system (amd k6/2 550) with buit in video. Its too slow for dvds, but it does play divx files pretty well.

    However, when I play the videos in road runner, there is a green tint and a bit of a scrambling effect to the video.

    This happens with both the built in player and media player classic.
    It also happens in media player classic, but not in windows media player and any other video app.

    I can get it to work in mpc + rr, by switching the video filter from "system default" to "old filter". However, it will not save the settings, and the next time rr starts the problem is back.


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    1-Run MPC
    2-Change the settings as you'd like them to be
    3-Compare MPC.INI in RR's folder with mplayerc.ini in MPC's folder
    4-Copy the new settings to MPC.INI in RR's folder (this INI is copied over the mplayerc.ini when RR runs MPC) -- as long as you don't mess with menu/view settings, it should work fine.
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