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Thread: RR 01-15-06 .. Overdue Update

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    Arrow RR 01-15-06 .. Overdue Update

    In This Version:

    -Added Changes/Additions made by Skippy76 and Tim
    -Added ONLINE/OFFLINE events
    -Added SETNEXT command for Music
    -Added option to Leave the mouse alone on keypresses
    -Added support for Transparent Selection Bar in any lists
    -Added File Monitoring indicator support
    -Added Indicator from File support
    -Added support for reading Extended M3U titles
    -Added support for Flash based lists
    -Added command to set playlist selection item number
    -Fixed LOADIMG refresh bug on resized skins
    -Fixed issue with PREV2
    -Fixed issue with Transparent Vis making embbeded Apps Transparent
    -Fixed issue with embedding latest versions of Firefox
    -Fixed issue with IDLE command executing when only using lists
    -Fixed RRConfig so it always saves the GPS port setting

    -I have NOT taken an in-depth look at the changes/additions by Skippy76 and Tim, please try and direct any concerns to the appropriate author.
    -ONLINE/OFFLINE events are for NETWORK PRESENCE -- defined in ExecTBL.INI
    -To prevent RR from moving the mouse when using the keyboard, add: leavemousealone=true to RR.INI
    -Please note that your song titles will be read from the M3U files (if present) using the format set IN WINAMP when you saved the playlist.
    -The Relay Control functions by Skippy76 are not in this version because he literally lost that code before sending me the changes so this has to be re-built.
    -Refer to Skin Commands.txt for other changes/additions.

    Sorry I have been real caught up with holidays and work lately.. plust I've been quite busy trying to enjoy the snowboarding season while it lasts

    Thanks for your support,
    Ride Runner RR's Myspace

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    Yay a new version
    Um, I guess this is where you put something witty.WITTY

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    Wooooow, Sweeeeeeeeeet!

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    thanks for the time you use on RR
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    Testing report

    Seems having performances issues with the new version...
    It takes long time to enter in the audio player also after the first time i load that screen....

    The others screen seems to be ok.
    Edit : Tested with 2 different skins

    Travla C134
    Jetway J7F2WE 1Gb DDR2 - HD SATA 3.5" 80Gb + HD 2.5" 40Gb - Lilliput 7" TS - Holux GR-213 - Bluetooth - Belkin 802.11g WiFi - Silabs Radio - HTC Leo

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    an early birthday present!

    thanks guino!

    man ive had the best carpc day ever!
    1 x 20function remote control working
    1 x new release of RR

    what more could anyone want?!
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    Thanks Guino, looking forward to testing, is available if you need a further mirror.

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    Hey Guino,
    Looks like you've been busy since the last time I emailed you about that interview

    Man, I really can't keep up with all these updates. I've been checking out some of the new skins that people have been working on, along with all the mini RR apps that others have been developing. I knew how powerful and robust RR was, but it's finally being put to use in the skins and stuff. I'll definately be looking into getting RR running on my machine and set up.

    If you are looking for mirrors, we're always willing to help at

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work.

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    I was starting to wonder about the next update....

    And here it is...

    Thanks Guino and all's about time I make another donation..
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    The new RRconfig.exe does not support skippy76 settings
    2001 S10 ZR2

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