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Thread: RR vs Frodo

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    I take mine out about once every 2 weeks for code updates and stuff. It helps that it's a laptop with a docking station.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbird2340
    I'm guessing he meant to go double RR's..

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    Quote Originally Posted by thanatos106
    No for me, I made mine to be removible cus it double as HTPC when I got to my friend house.

    now thats actually odd
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    I'll say it before ccsnet, scouse or spaghetti do.

    Oh no! xBrady has been taken over by the darkside

    side note : what the hell is FF?????
    Grrrr. lol. I am trying StreetDeck out, I never said it was taking me over Who knows, I may or may not like it. We'll see hopefully tomorrow.

    Ya, I meant RR
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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke
    i know your not that dense, im just very literal.

    I thought about posting a RR review, but in honesty didnt really see any value in any of the reviews for frontends because the bottom line will allways be that you need to install them and test them out and see what works for you. What i was thinking of doing though was a video review, sort of exactly like the streetdeck video. I think that will speak volumes over anything i write.

    oh, btw, why do you have to take your computer out of your car to install software? I usually just test everything on my laptop first and if its not good it wont even make it to my car. When its ready for the car, i just grab my thumbdrive or usb HD if i need more room. Seems like a huge pain to have to take the comp out of the car.
    Ya, you are definitely right about everyone needing to try them all out. I think the value in the software reviews are more to show what features or problems you had with the software rather than your personal opinion. You never know, there are things you may have seen in one front end that I didn't.
    I pull my carputer out because it has the navigation software and setup that will end up being the final test for the frontend. Plus it is kind of convenient to just do all my updates all at once (every once in a long time). Plus I guess I'm weird
    AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
    Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

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    I currently use RR, but hate playlists. There needs to be a more simple way to just play one album.
    FP does a better job at this, but it lacks many things RR does. So I'm split between RR & FP, but I haven't really played around with RR.
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    There are two things which I miss in FrodoPlayer:
    1. You can't add custom buttons to any screen. There's a fixed number of buttons with fixed functions (See f.ex. embedded GPS screen. I can't add buttons for iGuidance)
    2. No real application embedding. The only app that embeds is GPS.

    If those two things would be fixed I'd be totally happy with FrodoPlayer.

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    The very first thing I noticed with RR compared to FP is that it's more clunky to play / browse music. Granted this is a personal opinion and that is just my first impressions with RR (playing around for about 15 minutes with it). I'm sure it gets easier as you see how it works but I think FP is better in that regards..
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    First of all, what is this business about a database? Why does a database work better instead of just a directory for music files? The very best thing about RR which I think is far and away the most important is that Guino - The creator - is here all the time. He listens to everyone, answers questions at lightning speed and pumps out updates like you can't even keep up with.
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    Please help.

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    why does a database work better? How about the ability to bring up tracks based on genre, or year. Or search for a particular song within those categories. The ability to search for a song based on song name not filename. I suggest you try frodo's search capability and compare it to RR. It really makes finding the songs you want easier.

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