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Thread: RR vs Frodo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    I'll say it before ccsnet, scouse or spaghetti do.

    Oh no! xBrady has been taken over by the darkside

    side note : what the hell is FF?????
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    Serisly - I like RR and I have tried RR but I have never needed a DB... I just orginise my tracks in folders.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaghetti
    Rusty, did you try that skin out...?
    Not had time yet but will give it a serious try this weekend
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    ive only ever used RR and im never gonna change as its the only front end with the poioneer skin that matches my stereo.... lol
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    I switched from frodo to RR because RR support chinese character.

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    I like RR cuz it is fairly easy to modify, configure.
    One simple thing: If I want to change the text color on the skin, I can do it with RR with ease cuz I know RGB color system. Whereas in Frodo, I have no clue what the hell those number mean. Yes, I understand there are conversion for it.

    RR is opensource, if Guino can't handle the demand for features or whatever reason (I hope you are not Guino), someone else can step up and the project will continue. Yes, it is suck to go to Media Car experience again.

    To me, both players do a very good job at Music and Video. I have no complain on either players as my music and video collection is not that big.

    RR handle GPS/Embeded apps very well. It is almost none exist in Frodo.
    Frodo DVD player is +++++, but it is SUCK or TERRIBLE in RR.

    There are more skin support for RR than Frodo. That mean more choice for me cuz I am suck at graphic.
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    I use FP mostly because of its ease of use and available wood skin that goes well with the interior of my car! I tried RR once but it appeared that it took too much resources to run it and my carputer slowed down so much GPS would refresh only once every ten seconds!

    I have heard some of the resource issues have been taken care of and I will try it again soon as I like all the features RR has to offer.
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    ^^ pretty sure it's a flash issue as mentioned in the FAQ.

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    My original front end was Frodo. I switched over to RR for Sirius support and always new features being added.

    I still check Frodo's forums from time to time but there is little development going on so the features are far behind now.

    They are both great front ends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xBrady
    I just happened to pull my car computer in last night for the first time 8 months to install StreetDeck so I'll load in FF too.
    Out of curiousity how did you get a copy of StreetDeck, I thought it was not available in a software only version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by millc5
    Out of curiousity how did you get a copy of StreetDeck, I thought it was not available in a software only version?
    It was made available for moderators to try it... I bet you're in raging in jelousy of xBrady right now.. hahaha...
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