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Thread: Simple Checklist

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    Simple Checklist

    To-do list
    Things not to forget
    Jobs to see
    Or anything you do often.

    I am trying to come up with a simple checklist

    I think there should be 2 Parts or a sub menu for it

    1 .swf app to make, view and save the list maybe with a keyboard.
    2 .swf app to view, select and check boxes

    I guess it could be one app with a sub menu

    Now this should be as simple, quick and easy as possible to use

    No fancy stuff like a word processor just simple.

    Any thoughts?
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    I like the idea. Tell you what Idea I love. A list like that, where you could add a string of text from the osk text box. Here's an example of why - You run a filesearch on RR to find a song, "Avril nobodys home". THe search returns nothing, meaning you don't have the song. A button to send that string to a list called "Songs to get" would remind later that that song is not on your pc and you should add it.
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    5,079 we go again, with another great Lil Chuck app...

    I like the idea of being able to just all a song if/when you realize that you, in fact, dont have it...

    I think my poor Lil Epia is going to be upset with someone that keeps comming up with all these flash apps... J/k
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