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Thread: noob question temp sensors

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    noob question temp sensors

    of so i have the phidget 8/8/8 board and my tempsensors pluged in and i trying to get them to show up in rr but so far i cant get it working im very sure that im doing somthing stupid! so.... in the phidget webservice app in the taskbar the port is 5001... now in the rrconfig app it askes the com port number and im assuming that it dosnt want the port from rr cause thats not really a com port right? so what com port do i want? now i know it will be different on every computer so how do i come up with this com port? im assuming this should be an easy task as it's built in.... but i still need help! pls!

    thanx in advance


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    RR does not use the phidget webservice, it uses the api interface, all you need is to install the phidget.msi file from phidgets and then create the visual part in the skin.

    This is part of my in the brushmetal skin, phidgets are defined as labels for displaying volt/temp and so on.

    /, (L) Label
    /, x y w h r g b pt font Code tooltip
    /, --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -- ---- ---- -------
    L00,430,440, 50, 30,255,255,255,13,"Arial Narrow:B","VOLUME","Volume"
    L01,025,010,200,030,255,255,255,18,"Arial Narrow:B","TIME","Time"
    L02,025,040,200,030,255,255,255,18,"Arial Narrow:B","DATE",""
    L03,630, 10,100, 30,255,255,255,18,"Arial Narrow:B","=ZPA03:", ""
    L04,720, 10,100, 30,128,255,128,18,"Arial Narrow:B","PHID04", "volt"
    L05,630, 40,100, 30,255,255,255,18,"Arial Narrow:B","=ZPA05:", ""
    L06,720, 40,100, 30,128,255,128,18,"Arial Narrow:B","PHID02", "f2c"
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