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Thread: Couple of RoadRunner Questions & Problems

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    Couple of RoadRunner Questions & Problems

    1. My Car logo image always displays white box.. Does anyone know what is the problem and know how to fix that??

    2. When I play XM radio the Sat and Terrain green bars are not in a straight line, they are messed up..

    3. When I browse through the menu's there is a 2-3 second lag.. Is that common?

    4. How do I exactly integrate igmod? when I do external application > Igmod, a new window opens up.. It does not integrate

    I have searched a lot of times for these problems and havnt found the solution... Thanks For helping!

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    Also want to know like a DIY of how to properly install IGmod, bump

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    1-Likely your flash file is not transparent or your flash version is too old. Try another flash logo (like the honda from the bmv2 skin) and if the white square still shows it will be an indication of a bad flash version (which may lead to CPU load issues)

    2-This is a skin issue. You can fix it yourself (using the skin editor) or report the issue to the skin's author (which has no obligation to fix it)

    3-It is common for a delay to exist when loading new screens for the FIRST time. After which, they should load instantly. If it is taking longer to switch between screens that already have been loaded, it may be because of your flash version increasing CPU load. Please read the ENTIRE high CPU/Flash FAQ -- specially in what it regards to Via 4-in-1 drivers and Video card drivers.

    4-Never used it, so don't know anything about it, but there's plenty of info in the GPS subforums.
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    also, if your logo's not flash, you need to save the pic in a program that supports transparent backgrounds, in a file format that supports transparent as a color. I think Gif supports transparancy, or tiff. Try using The Gimp as an editor if you don't have one that does transparancy.

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    Can someone suggest me a good Toyota Flash logo?? And also exactly in which folder, do I copy it to?

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    Update the Flash Player with v.8 version.


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    Actually I updated to the latest version of flash..

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