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Thread: Audio Browser and Player on one screen!

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    Audio Browser and Player on one screen!

    is it possible to have the audio browser and player on one screen?!

    I have organized all my MP3s in subfolders, so I would like to have a directory listing on the left and a files (or playlist) on the right.
    As soon as I navigate the right subfolder on the left list (and maybe doubleklick) the files on the right got updated.

    Currently I have to go the the browser and then return to the audio player.

    I tried the skin editor and placed a directory listing on the audio player screen, but it seems not to work at all.
    Is this because it is on the audio player screen or what did I wrong? It just stays completly empty.

    Any ideas?!

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    I think you might be able to put a playlist and audio controls, play, stop etc. on your Audio_Browser screen. Then, code your buttons select, select+ and add1 to also have ||List in the code, IE "Select||List", that might do it for you....
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    It is possible yes. The trick is that it will only work in the AUDIO_BROWSER.SKIN.. you don't have to have an file if you don't want. but the Browser skin will only work (using RRConfig settings) in that specific skin. With the latest versions of RR though, it is possible to have a browser in by using custom definitions -- this is all in skin commands.txt
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