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Thread: Remote controll to always work even with rr minimised

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    Remote controll to always work even with rr minimised

    I have a remote controll in my car, infrared one,
    i use it for volume, next track, pause, mute, and all sorts of other buttons.
    i use copilot live for the GPS software, and when i load it, it runs infront of roadrunner, untill i alt tab, or exit it..

    i want to know if there is a way to make my remote always work for the controlls, even when i am in the GPS mode. all the buttons have been setup using the keyTBL.ini, and the keycode.exe to work out what code each key is.
    if road runner is not active (and the frontmost program) the buttons dont work.

    also, i have a button on the remote called TAB, it has a code of "9".. is there anyway i can make this funtion like ALT+TAB?

    thanks in advance for ANY HELP

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    the alt tab shortcut key is going to be the best solution
    grab a macro or shortcut key editor

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    you can also setup winamp to use global keys and they will work no matter what has focus, but these will only be good for play controls, ie play,next,volume etc.
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    You can also send Alt-TAB via sendkeys

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    Have you hear of Girder?
    The only problem is girder doesn't have plugin for your ir-receiver. If it does, why not use it?
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    Girder will do what you want perfectly. Also, I'll be releasing an EXEC tool to execute commands to RR from command line, as long as you can associate buttons to execute a command line, you should be able to do that as well.
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    thanks for the reply guys... im in my car now
    where can i find this GIRDER thing??
    i cant work it out.. search reveals lots of ppl talking bout it.. but not where to get it??.. i dont even know what is is.. a program?

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