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Thread: Newbie questions

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    Newbie questions

    I seem to be asking more questions than I'm solving... Fixed my web browser problem, but I couldn't find any information in the FAQ on how to configure it. I looked in the rr.ini file and took a chance on IE working with the browser line. Excellent! Then I saw in another post that the firefox would work too. Very cool. So I've got three other questions, and yes, I've ed and where possible...

    Where is the Weather in RR? I don't see a weather button, I'm not seeing an icon on the main screen, and I'm not seeing any way to configure it. I have a Weather folder under RR and about 48 icons under that folder.

    How would OBDII stuff be displayed? I'm using Brushed Metal. Do I need to come up with some sort of extention to display that stuff? I don't have the machine installed in the car yet, but I want it to be ready. I know where to get the obdII stuff (ordered it yesterday), so I'm not worried about that.

    How can I show the environmental stuff like motherboard cpu temp and case temp along with other mothermoard info (volts, etc.)?

    I've been digging, but I'm sure I have missed something obvious (again). Ugh, I hate being a n00b...

    Thanks for any pointers or guidance...

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    The Brushed Metal skin is a basic skin for most features of RR. It does not currently have a button to call the weather screen (although the weather screen is there). You'd have to change a button you don't use (say "TV" or something) to call that screen, or add a button to the skin (even an invisible button could do it). You can easily do that with the skin editor, or by editing the .skin file. Many of the newer skins have that feature already in place. I suggest you read skin commands.txt and start getting acquainted with that stuff.. there are also two tutorials in the skins sub-forum..

    For OBDII you'd have to look at the "how to embed" FAQ and embed whichever application you choose for OBDII -- RR does not currently have built in support for that.. (it would if my car wasn't so frikin old.. haha)..

    For cpu/case temp, you need to install MBM5 then you can either change the code for the "CAR/OUT" to display the CPU/CASE temps or you can get a skin that shows MBM info -- MC2.0 has that, Kuo skin has a mod for it.. and so on. It takes a lot to configure RR exactly to what you want, but at least you can do it.. it's not like it forces you to do this and not that, etc.. still, configuration is the price we pay for customization.

    PS: The web browser configuration is also in RRConfig (just select browser/point to it and done).
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