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Thread: red dot problem?

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    red dot problem?

    hi -whenever i click and drag the mouse, i get a lovely trail of red dots, which will change go to the next song when i drag forward, and go back when i drag it backwards. its great and all but when i want to up or down the volume, i change the song. can i turn this off or what am i sposed to do?

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    You will be able to set non gesture sections on the next update of rr, but you will need to add these yourself to your current skin that you use. You can disable the gestures by adding the following line to your rr.ini


    this will stop the reddot for now :-)


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    Quote Originally Posted by CdRsKuLL

    this will stop the reddot for now :-)

    <off color>

    If only women had this setting

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