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Thread: RR, FD and window issue

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    RR, FD and window issue


    I have a little problem with integrating FD.

    I designed an address skin from into RR to FD

    I call this skin with:
    "LOAD;ADDRESS.SKIN;address;FreeDrive.exe;FreeDrive ||SendMsg;FreeDrive;address","address"

    the problem is that I start FD within RR normally the the window with the cities and the streets didn't appears, as you can see at the image below.

    If I start FD Previous to RR (at windows starting), and after that, I start RR, the the window appears OK. This involve that I must have FD allways started to work.

    Do you know what the problem is?

    thanks and Regards
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    I had the same problem, but it is fixed in 1.0

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    I have this problem with 1.0 and also with 1.0 preview update 1


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    I assume you are actually loading FD on BEFORE you load your screen ? otherwise you have to place the entire path to FD on your load command cause just FreeDrive.exe won't cut it.
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    Same problem here, as well in 1.0 preview and 1.0 preview update 1. I think it is an FD issue, because FD version 0.9 didn't have this problem.
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    Remember that its possible to do an FD address skin and embed RR commands into it with 1.0. I know its only a workaround.

    Will see if we can do anything about the skinning issues.

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    Ye I load FD as external_gps skin all works except only this.

    I know that I can do the skin into FD, the black window with the osk is FD, but doing this way I have more space for the window.

    thanks and regards

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    didnt one of the FD releases change the window title name? Not sure about this, just kind of remember something did this. FYI i dont have this problem.
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