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Thread: Must i use girder to operate my powermate?

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    Must i use girder to operate my powermate?

    I'm slowly making the transition from media engine to road runner, and my powermate doesn't work with road runner most of the time. I have it set so that scrolling acts as the up and down arrows on the keyboard, but it will only scroll through the directory and playlist after a lot of fidgeting. Other than going through girder is there an easier way to do this. (girder looks to be pretty difficult?)

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    RR isn't the easiest thing to setup.. I'll tell you that myself.. but that's exactly because it's so customizable.. I'm assuming you're using powermate to simulate keypresses and such to the current window -- RR uses multiple windows and you should not rely on the current focus to make things work.. you can get Girder 3.2.9 on and there is a girder file pre-configured for the powermate on the girder files thread.
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    for basic set up, you dont really need girder you just need the latest powermate drivers. By default RR using the arrow keys (left/right) to highlight items (buttons) and you can set left turn and right turn to those respective actions, with pushing down on the powermate being the enter button.

    you will have to use girder for advanced configuration, for having different actions depending on what screen you are on in RR etc, all of which i have zero experience with girder just dosent sink into my brain easily.
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    I'm using the latest Powermate drivers, and I can easily control RR.

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    Girder is the ****. It's difficult to learn at first but once you get the hang of it, it can practically do anything you want. I no longer need to use my touchscreen anymore. Anything can be done via my little remote and my steering wheel remote. My buttons are context-specific, too. So in audio browser, up and down will move the list up and down but in iGuidance, up and down will pan the map up and down.

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    You do not need to use girder. I did the following:

    1. Set Powermate to control your arrow keys

    2. Read the Keycodes with Keycodes.exe for each key

    3. Specify the Key Actions to Commands in the Skin with the KEYTBL.INI

    You can have a key doing different thinks on different screens for example:

    13, "PLAY", - press enter and it plays/pauses the song in AUDIO PLAYER

    13, "ADD1||EXIT", - press enter in AudioBrowser and it adds the current selected file to the playlist and exits back to the player

    with this multiple commands you can control the hole thing with just 1 powermate.

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    but if you use girder you can double click, press and hold for 1 sec, 2 secs, etc. as well as the regular built in functions.
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