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Thread: Help Me Please

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    Help Me Please

    Everything was working perfectly with RR until today. I installed Frodo to compare the two and decided to stick with RR but after uninstalling Frodo my RR keeps crashing. I tried to remove it and do a fresh install but it still crashes as soon as I launch it. Any ideas?

    I keep getting the ""Please tell Microsoft about this problem" screen

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    sounds like the uninstall may have taken off some system file .. in any case, you can *TRY* renaming your RR.INI, running RRConfig and re-configuring the software.. if crashes after that, you most likely got something screwed up in your system. but telling us info on the error report would help.. may also help to make a debug log file..
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    ok I got it back. Had to do a system restore from yesterday and all is good. Thanks guys's


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