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Thread: Help with webcam!

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    Help with webcam!

    Hello, I am trying to integrate my webcam into the TV function on RR. I did a search and came up with this link.

    It kinda help me answer what I needed. I did what he said. Downloaded the tv plugin, installed it, opened up winamp, went under Pref and selected input plugins, then the tv plugin, configure, and selected 320X240 resolution. saved it. went under RR utility and selected my webcam and the tv card. then loaded RR and clicked on the TV button and nothing happens. what did i do wrong, can anybody help me tackle with problem. thank you.

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    yea, thanks, u know what, after I posted I searched some more using different key words and I came up with the that link you gave. Proving once again that searching before posting is best. thanks again.

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    are you sure about the power usage?
    webcam doesn't use that much but it might be the last drop.
    I suggest you a rearview cam
    cause it doesn't use your system memory and cpu
    works automatically when you drive backward don't need to deal with a silly plugin and offers you a nightview also at the day time very clean and bright picture.
    Webcam is too slow and works theorically but very weak and unusefull.
    You can't be sure that you have a realtime picture if you use a webcam.

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