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Thread: Roadrunner crashing on startup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    I run RR on Win2K indoors and have never had a crashing issue. SP4 as well.

    so it's not W2k itself that is a problem.
    Yeah it's definitely not simply a win2k issue, because I have RR running on my graphics development machine for quick testing as I work on my skin, and that machine is 2k svpk4. It runs on there with no problem.

    Anyway, my carPC is now running XP MCE which I stripped down to about 225Mb using nlite, and it runs perfectly so far, although I think I might have stripped out bluetooth support before I started considering a bluetooth GPS unit, so I might be screwed on that one. 20-20 hindsight and all.

    Hang on while I defragment my car...

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    I just upgraded my 2k setup to XP, and made no other changes. Roadrunner now loads fine.

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