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Thread: RR 04-06-06... More..

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    Arrow RR 04-06-06... More..

    In this version:

    -Added command to set button codes entirely
    -Added command to switch AVS to full screen
    -Added command to toggle mono/stereo of Cinergy and Radiator supported FM tuners
    -Added commands to set label and button codes by ID
    -Added commands to set current favorites list directly (XM/SIRIUS)
    -Added commands to create/manage variables
    -Added Car2PC interface support (
    -Added support to use INI Paths and Window Names in skin commands
    -Added support to set variables with label code information
    -Added support to use variables in label codes and auto-switch label codes
    -Added support to set variables with data entered on OSK/NumOSK
    -Added support to save/load persistent variables to RR.INI
    -Added support to use "include" files on screen definitions
    -Added support to save XM startup channel on separate file (when xmcache.ini is read-only)
    -Added support for foreign text in Phone Book List
    -Added support for 3 Extra Application OSK screens
    -Added prevention on serial port usage while hibernating/resuming (Thanks Arathranar)
    -Added History Browse support
    -Added Improvements to Phoco Support (Thanks to Robby_BMW)
    -Improved AlbumArt label code to provide the path for XM/SIRIUS Art
    -Improved Skipto for use in playlist and phone book list
    -Improved Volume Control with Custom Volume Adjustments
    -Improved the standard RRConfig -- (Thanks to Mr_Wizard)
    -Fixed Memory leak issue with gestures feature
    -Fixed Album Art label code in Audio and Video Browsers
    -Fixed Issue with Internationalization Support
    -Fixed Issue with ExecTBL when executing multiple comands at last definition
    -Fixed Issue with LoadImg Command in some layers when scaling skins
    -Updated XM Art line up (Thanks to Chuck)

    -The Custom Volume settings can be set in VolTable.INI (No need to mess with it if you are satisfied with the current volume control) -- Custom adjustments are provided, but because of the nature of this feature, it's not possible to always "round" the volumes to even numbers.
    -Everything else you need to know about the above is either in Readme.txt or Skin Commands.txt

    There's always more to come.. enjoy it for now,
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    EDIT: wow, 38,000 downloads not including the mirror?

    Thanks for a great program!
    My Install

    CFiG v1
    iGuidance Plugin for CF

    Working shell for a CarPC

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    Install Status: DONE

    My XM FAQ

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    @guino RE: history browse
    It seems that you need to tell it what drive to start from initially, else it starts from rr dir. Working great though. Many thanx.

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    Something to think about for the next release:
    XMRadio is in the process of changing and adding multiple channels.
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    If someone are interested in the new features of PhoCo integration, I've posted all the informations in this post

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    Just tryed it and it works great....when you close RR it close PhoneControl but it does not close headset and i can not hibernate......just phonecontrol works great and this close headset connection,but integrated rr phonecontrol does not close headset(audiogateway)

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    guino: Just saying thanks for all your hard work. It's a great, full-featured program while still being fairly easy enough for a non-programmer like me to mess/play with, keep it up!
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    Thank you so much guino you do really a hard work, keep up the great work!
    The old setup
    The new setup
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    This is a MAJOR release... Thanks again Guino for all your help.

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