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Thread: Auto gamma switching in RR

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    Question Auto gamma switching in RR

    I'm quite confused about this - in several threads it mentions that built in day/night gamma switching is "under development" in RR, but the release notes of one version state that "RR now reads day/night values correctly from skin's general.ini", although I can't make it do anything with them? I then had a look at the latest source code, and there's a lot of bits from skippy76 which seem to reference auto gamma and GPS sunrise/sunset calculations, which read from certain values in rr.ini - but I can't find any documentation on this.

    So...does RR support any type of auto day/night gamma switching at the moment, and if so, what do I need to change/add to my rr.ini file to make it work? I know I could use gammacontrol, but I'm curious about what RR supports natively (if anything)?


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    Any ideas - Skippy76 perhaps?

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    I have the same questions.

    Assuming I don't use anything other tools but RR:
    Does it switch day/night skins on startup based on time in the skins ini?
    Does it switch day/night skins while running based on time in the skins ini?

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    if you download skippy's rr config you can use the auto gamma, however ever since daylight savings, the auto gamma has been changing 1 hour too early where i am. i've gone back to using gammacontrol by ol33l.
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    Do you have a copy of Skippy's RRConfig? It's not on his site anymore!

    Otherwise, can anyone give me the relevant settings to add manually into my rr.ini file?

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