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Thread: girder playlist setup needed thanks

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    girder playlist setup needed thanks

    I am using the rr gml as found in the sticky.

    Everything works great except trying to gigure out on loading playlists.

    I have all my playlists numbered 1 thru whatever.

    How do I setup girder to load playlists using the remote control.I.E. press #1 or#100 etc..then press the enter key on the remote(or whatever key you want).To load that playlist in RR Or even in winamp.
    Then is it possible to press the numbered buttons on the remote then press a different button like the select button (or whatever) to then jump to that specific # in the current playlist..

    I have been playing around with this but can not seem to figure it out.

    I have a winamp plugin that does exactly this.But I want to do this in Girder.
    So right now I have 1 remote & Ir reciever to load the playlists with the plugin.
    Then another remote with a different Ir reciever for using everything with girder .

    Any Ideas on how to get this setup?



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    you can try this.
    "LOADLIST" - This allows you to load a playlist from disk, with a custom name. You specify the full path and optionally
    the name of the playlist.
    Example: "LOADLIST;C:\Test.m3u;My Playlist"

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