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Thread: Finally broke winamp 2.95

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    Finally broke winamp 2.95

    Well i finally broke winamp 2.95

    Im not sure what happened exactly but after 6 months of flawless use winamp 2.95 just stopped running or launching. RR playlist was gone and all that was said in the song window is an errie message from 2.95's grave: winamp-

    Tried to launch winamp with RR closed and nothing would happen. Reinstall of 2.95 yeilded the same results: I broke poor 2.95 to the point it wont even run on my system. I have logged many, many, many hours of input on roadrunner while driving and winamp 2.95 just could not hande it anymore. R.I.P.

    The Fix? A 30 second 5.9Mb download from the internet

    Winamp 5.21 (latest release) Is what im running now. Few things ive noticed that I like. During my RR splash boot winamp does not 'flash' for a second before minimizing, like the old version. The << and >> controls are more responsive, sometimes I had LAG with 2.95, seems fixed with the new version.
    I still need to fine tune the EQ because of the upgrade I lost my EQ settings. Other than that I only had to run frodoplayer for one 15 mile drive before I had RR fixed. I gotta say though I have a badass MMI audi style skin running on FP that is hella FAST and stable. Just can't get past the sound output.

    So im happy to say all is well on the carPC and RR is better than ever now with 5.21 On a side note what ever happened to the winamp 3 series? 3 dissappeared almost faster then it appeared?
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    winamp 3 seemed to be riddled with bugs and instabilities. And 4 got skipped cuz winamp 5 is just 3+2. Kind of odd that winamp 2.95 wont even run on your system anymore though. As long as its all good in the end

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