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Thread: Keeping External Apps in Foreground

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    Keeping External Apps in Foreground

    When i use the run command to launch an external application, it flashes for a second and then the rr menu reappears. Is there a way to have the applications stay on top?


    It turns out that the IBUSCOM.exe that sama made is whats causing RR to stay in the foreground. If anyone has figured out how to disable this, let me know. Thanks.

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    To launch an application inside RR you should use the LOAD command and make a screen for it. The RUN command is meant to launch programs that run simple tasks and finish in a brief amount of time, meaning you shouldn't run full blwon apps with it (that's why it sort of works). There's a whole FAQ on launching an application embedded.

    Regarding IBUS flashes, you should be able to reprogram the commands from IBUS, add: SET|| in front of your commands.. this will prevent RR from flashing. For instance, if your command in IBUS is "NEXT" then change it to "SET||NEXT" this will prevent it from flashing when IBUS sends the command.
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