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Thread: XM Prob-Not a before seen prob

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    XM Prob-Not a before seen prob


    I searched and searched trying to figure this out and still cannot.

    This whole thing started when i USED to run the LSX skin. all worked fine. then i tried iRunner just to check it out (which does not support XM). Then I changed to the Alpine skin and im sticking with it, im just trying to get the bugs worked out.

    I am running the Alpine skin and have the universal XM tuner using a cable that plugs into my serial port.

    I had all the settings set and it worked fine, never had a problem. Then one day XM would not load the playlist corectly (Once i switched to alpine). It would skip alot of channels (see pic)

    So this is when i came here and searched lots of topics but failed to find any that relate to my issue.

    There is a few things that I did try, that was to copy the new ini file into the existing xmcache ini file and got this result pics .../XM prob 2.bmp

    Now, i saw chucks thread and i changed the ini file to read only. I still have the same results as the second pic.

    I also reinstalled RR to the most current version and continue to have this problem.

    Also when I hit the reload button in the XM screen the list goes back to what the first pic displays, even when its read only. If i go back into the ini file it still has the correct channel info listed.

    NOW, im not a software person, and im sure thats part of my problem so please dont mock me. I need help, haha

    not sure if you all need any more info but let me know if you need anything else.

    lastly, i want to add that i called XM thinking it was on thier end, but it is not. I even had them send the refresh signal when the unit was on and still the problem persits.

    Thanks everyone!!!

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    When you get garbage on the screen like that, normally is a cable/wiring issue.. now, when you get the preview channel as info for all channels, that's when you know there's something wrong with your subscription.. it should prevent you from tunning channels and such.
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    Yes this is exactly what I get. Making the ini file read only will not prevent this but it will prevent those strange characters from writing to the ini file.

    My way around this is to wait about 10 - 15 seconds before going into XM. I don't think it is a cable issue more than it is an initialization problem with the XMDirect. I think if it was a cable problem then waiting a few seconds before starting it would yield the same results but on the contrary waiting actually produces the result I would expect.

    Try waiting a few seconds before going into XM. See if you notice anything different. Sometime the channel selected will give me exactly what you show in the pic but all the other stations around it will be current. If I select a different station than that channel you did have selected will not be updated and all will be normal.

    Report back your findings and see if it is exactly like mine.

    Did you purchase your cable or did you make it?


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    cool, thanks for the replys

    Well i bought the cable from here. I think he used to make them for the store but stopped. The cable used to work fine and even now i get the channels that do come in are clean and clear.

    I thought it was the subscription as well but when i called, the XM rep said it was fine on thier end and the service had never been shut off. I asked her to send the refresh for me just to be sure and it did not fix any of the problems.

    Chuckster, i will do what you said and let you know what i get.
    I just find it so strange that it suddenly started this. And why it only loads the channels as seen in the first pic is wierd.

    thanks agin for the help, any more could be appreciated as well!!
    2003 Ford F-250 7.3L Diesel Crew Cab

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