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Thread: Why radar load maps, but not my?

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    Why radar load maps, but not my?

    I'm change radar.a3u for my region. The new file is:

    InetGet("", "\Program Files\Road Runner\Skins\Chucks\Weather1.jpg", 1)
    InetGet("", "\Program Files\Road Runner\Skins\Chucks\Weather2.jpg", 1)
    InetGet("", "\Program Files\Road Runner\Skins\Chucks\Weather3.jpg", 1)
    InetGet("", "\Program Files\Road Runner\Skins\Chucks\Weather4.jpg", 1)
    InetGet("", "\Program Files\Road Runner\Skins\Chucks\Weather5.jpg", 1)
    InetGet("", "\Program Files\Road Runner\Skins\Chucks\Weather6.jpg", 1)

    But, then I start radar.exe, in files Weather_.jpg i get a USA map. Can I do wrong?

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    ur missing the drive letter before program files... that could be a problem. C:\Program Files or whatever ur drive letter is Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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