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Thread: Can roadrunner be full screen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by guino
    I just REALLY, REALLY hope you guys are NOT using / (forward slash) on your music path setting..
    lol, didn't even notice that one

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    Quote Originally Posted by black06stang
    Is there anyway to make RR full screened? Also, when I enter my music path, C:/Documens and settings/ownrt/my documents/music , it does not work.
    I have a 640x480 res and couldn't get it to display right (even using the drop down in config). Turned out it was a skin problem. Go into the skin directory and edit the General.ini file. Change the lines Showwidth and Showheight to 640 and 480 and it should be all good.

    I am having the same problem with my music though. Anyone know the cure?
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    did you install winamp ? Please read the install FAQ.
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