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Thread: Disable 'sliding' for commands

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    Disable 'sliding' for commands

    I know this is asked before, but i really searched well, and didn't find the topic.

    When you 'slide' your finger over the screen, RR sees it as a command. Like Next track (slide right), Previous (slide left) and play/pause (slide down).

    Is there a way to disable this option? It happens very often RR skips tracks when i use volume or browse my MP3 list.

    AsRock AM2 dual VGA
    AMD Sempron 3000+
    512MB DDR
    3,5" 80GB harddrive
    Liliput 7"
    TFT 15"

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    My install

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    guino, I think it's about time you stick this in the FAQs or we're gonna have more questions about that "freaking red balls thingy"

    Or you can disable it by default and let people turn it on via RRConfig.

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