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Thread: C to F temp display change

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    C to F temp display change

    I am trying to change my MBM temp display from C to F

    I read this post

    "You'll need to edit the .skin files (Notepad or Skin Editor) and change the tooltip to "c2f" of the MBM labels so RR displays them in F... RR receives the info from MBM in C so it needs to convert it to F, but this is only done when the "c2f" is on the tooltip of the label"

    But am not having any luck finding it in any of the files. Any help

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    did you read skin commands.txt ?

    the tooltip is the last field of the label definition. immediately after the label code "MBMXX"...
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    code "MBM2"
    tooltip "C2F"

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    I saw that but there was no tooltip there originally so I was not sure, I will try it when i get home!

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    learn metric!
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