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Thread: freedrive won't connect thru RR

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    Angry freedrive won't connect thru RR

    ok after examining the error and searching the internet i deicided to repeat my problem here.
    i really want to know if anyone else has the same problem.

    i have reslers ibus adaptor on com3 and so far it works fine
    gps receiver is used to be on com3 but i changed it manually to see if it works and put reslers adaptor instead.

    according to gpsinformation software currently my comports are set like this:
    com1: no device
    com2: no device
    com3: no gps receiver (reslers ibus)
    com4: gps receiver

    first big annoying bug:
    fd won't connect thru rr. comport path set right both on fd and rr (com4).


    second big annoying bug:
    This problem appears on two differently ways.
    on rr:
    fd dissapears after each click and i see loading screen of rr navigation
    on fd:
    screen shakes after each click (it sounds strange but it shakes)

    some info:
    i have winxp sp2 embedded on my carpc
    my mouse located upside down in trunk and signal is not too strong
    i am using irunner skin right now
    gps set on com4 @ 96000
    i am using a ibus adaptor with ftdi chip installed on com3
    two ports appear on windows device manager under the ports tag (1.serial to usb com4 2.profilic serial to usb com3 i set them manually)

    any idea?

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    ok, dont set your comport in RR to 4.. RR and FD are both trying to use it and there having a fight !.. You might need to crop the skin of RR to stop it disappearing.. open up the file in the skin your using and look for the A01,???,???,???,??? line.. then under it match it with a C01,??...





    you dont need the A01 bit anymore, but it may be in your skin.. that will sort out the disappearing bit, unsure on the shake.. maybe it will sort that out as well


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    yes you were right
    freedrive connects perfectly now but i couldn't solve the skin.
    i am using the default skin and there isn't any string starts with a01 or a
    i'll try another skin for the shaking problem
    thanks for helping me out

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    i've found the string and set under it exactly the same string with C instead of A. Now let's see what happens.

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