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Thread: PDA acticesynce intergraded in Roadrunner.

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    PDA acticesynce intergraded in Roadrunner.

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has made a plugin for Roadrunner and Active Synce. To show your current and upcoming appointments. So like when im late for something it will tell me.
    Or even better tell me before I have the appointment

    I was not alble to find anything on this with search, but I don’t belive I am the first to think of this. Hope to hear I am right…

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    I like the idea! I would think it would be more of an integration with outlook though as activesync just updates the data and doesn't really display anything. It would probably be someting like running outlook in the apps section and building a custom skin using SENDKEYS to talk to outlook.

    Just my $.02.

    I just did a little searching and found this thread on this subject.

    Anyone integrate a calendar/scheduler in RR yet?

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    Doesnt look like they got it working... 2bad

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    FYI, For anyone using the voice control of RR I have added a function to read the appointments from outlook. Currently it will read the next appointment or all the appointments for the day.

    Basically in this format:

    Command - "today's appointments" or "next appointment"

    "you have an appointment" - from item type
    "conference call at 9:00 am" - from subject and start date
    "location, at the office" - from location
    "duration, 30 minutes" - from duration
    "the meeting is with Bob and Steve" - from body

    I need to add just a next appointment as well ... edit - done

    I will add an optional timer to announce an appointment (configurable time)

    It was an easy add for Outlook, there maybe other PIMs that could be added.

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