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    Constant Bitrate
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    Web Path

    How do I create an application path to my web path for RR?

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    Really now your just being silly,Why don't you use your eyes?I'm all for helping people new to RR but this is simple stuff that is sorted the first time you run RR Config.If you can't be bothered to help yourself you are opening yourself up for a flaming on this forum.

    Open RR config and scroll down to WEB BROWSER,select Firefox or Iexplorer and click in the empty path box and navigate to C\program files(YOUR BROWSER FOLDER>YOUR BROWSER.EXE.

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    to be honest ive had the same problem

    and if what your saying is true I can see how stupid we must seem..

    but I must of looked for something like that for ages and never seen it...

    ive had everything alse working....

    will take a closer look
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    Now come on,i never called any1
    Try this new config panel,maybe it will make things clearer=

    Its a Beta at the moment but you can follow its progress here= Administration panel

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