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Thread: Guino: Add to High CPU Load FAQ

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    I always use the flash.ocx from Guino's page or the rrdownload mirror page.

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    can someone please clarify the registration issue and when it occurs? i followed the instructions in the faq: High CPU Load, Buttons Fail to Respond, White box / square around logo's

    I installed flash using the download given there, and then unzipped the files from the zip into the directory. I then renamed Flash8.ocx to Flash9.ocx. I did not receive any errors during this process, nor did I ever have to type regsvr32 flash.ocx. But my roadrunner still goes pretty slow (PIII 850mhz, 256mb ram) with the mc2.0 skin. Am I missing something, at what point was I supposed to do the regsvr? I dont even have a flash.ocx in my system32 directory, only in the system32/macromed/flash/ directory

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    Flash heavy skins (MC 2/Freedom etc) do require more processing power as flash has no hardware acceleration support. If you've followed all the suggestions on that FAQ thread than your computer is probably just too slow to run flash (850Mhz is not much). I'd suggest trying a non-flash skin or a light one at best.. see if it helps.
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    Try this,
    In your display properties of windows, goto the troubleshooting tab, then under the hardware acceleration move it down a notch from full...

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