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Thread: Noob skin related questions

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    Noob skin related questions

    So I was wondering, is there some sort of tutorial outlining the various commands etc that can be put into the exectbl, or what all you can do with the exectbl and what a lot of the codes mean? In general, is there any documentation for the plethora of options that a skinner has at their disposal for Road Runner?


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    Sure, Skin commands.txt in RR's folder is the base documentation for everything, the INIs generally have a description of their functions. You should also read the skin tutorials in the skin's sub-forum. That should be pretty much all you'd ever need to know (except for flash). The Skin Editor has most of the available commands listed in it as well.
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    There are many, many intelligent people in these forums that are glad to help with all sorts of problems. As guino suggested the FAQ page in the Road Runner sub page is a real good place to start. A lot of the very advanced topics are kind of hit or miss you have to play with things a bit some times but you can catch on very quick. Good luck in your endevors and I hope to see some slick looking skins coming our way from ya soon

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