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Thread: Music Resume Bug

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    Music Resume Bug

    I was hoping this bug would be fixed in the current version, but it wasn't. There is a resume bug in Road Runner. Sometimes when I park my car I come to a good song and i want to hear the whole song so I stop the song and then hibernate. When i stop songs and then hibernate.. when I come back to the car and i turn on the computer again.. when I go to music it skips the last song i had on and automatically goes to the first song on the playlist... So the problem only happens when I try to stop a song, hibernate, power up the computer, and try to play that song... Any ideas would be great..

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    the resume feature really only works when there's something playing... If you PAUSE the song it will work, but will resume playing when you return.

    I'll see what it would take to add that thouhg.
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    Yeah, it's not a huge deal but I wish it could at least just stay on what song was opened...

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