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Thread: Send and Recieve Commands to a COMM Port?

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    Send and Recieve Commands to a COMM Port?

    Is it possible in RR to Send and Recieve Commands to a COM Port? I dont know if the sendkey command is something to do with this.


    Well, two reasons?

    1. I am looking at implementing a system were by I use my cars ODB interface to send an recieve command too and from the car. For example volume up button on the steering wheel would generate a command that could be picked up via odb and that command could then be given a rr equivilant command like "vol+". Equially it would be quite cool if you could send the command down the odb interface to wind up the windows or something from the computer.

    2. I have noticed that we (the rr community) are looking at creating a phone plugin for RR. I guess this will be done in much the same way as I have stated above. If this feature doesn't already exist it may be worth adding it so we can add our own phone commands from rr.

    Thanks for reading

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    I don't know enough about OBD to even know if this is a crazy idea or not, but I was under the assumption that OBD data was ONLY to and from the car's engine control/monitoring unit and had nothing to do with audio controls whatsoever.

    It should be very easy to make a little application based on the SDK example to read from the serial port and issue commands to RR though..

    From my stand point, getting info to and from a phone is hardly anything like the above.. From all I've tested, most phones lack a standardized interface, regardless of them all supporting the same AT commands for GSM standards -- all phones I've played with had indeed the same commands but could not be used in the exact same manner -- making it incredibly time consuming to adapt code for each type of phone.. so all I say is: hat's off to Zorro -- I (myself) wouldn't touch that crap with a 14-foot stick.. but hey, anybody is welcome to try..
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    Quote Originally Posted by guino
    -- I (myself) wouldn't touch that crap with a 14-foot stick..
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