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Thread: How many of you use RRconfig on a touchscreen

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k1Toaster
    I am trying to decide between iGuidance and Streets '06 so I change that a bit.
    thats a no brainer, let me help you out. IG hands down
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    I occasionally use it in the car when something gets screwed for whatever reason. For example if the GPS ports changes or doesnt pick up then I have to sometimes check in RR Config. But for the most part, I set it up and leave it alone.
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    VNC - RRConfig or anything for that matter is no problem. I occasionally use RRConfig on the Road when tweaking something, but as most above rarely is it needed once the inital set up is done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke
    thats a no brainer, let me help you out. IG hands down

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    Make a poll.

    I use it on a TS. Maybe a better question is, if you need it in a pinch, do you really want to have to hook up the mouse & keyboard more than having a full screen app?
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    I use it on the TS in my car,at the moment i use a PDA pen cos things are too small,i would like to see a TS Interface applied in future releases (skinning it seems a lot of effort).

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