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Thread: Cut volume when GPS needs to talk?

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    Cut volume when GPS needs to talk?

    I'm sorry if this has been answered, but search isn't helping me at all. I've been trying to find it without having to ask!

    The option to turn the music volume down in the RRConfig when the GPS Voice needs to speak doesn't work. I've been running my CarPC for a couple months now and have just always dealt with it... but I think I want to finally figure out why? I have tried changing the setting to 0-100. 0%. 50%. 50. With and without the percentile. It just doesn't cut the music and the GPS voice is completely drowned out.

    It should also be noted that I don't mess with the volume controls in RR ever. They are pretty much constantly at the "Max" (I assume) and I control the volume through my steering wheel controls. The volume on the computer is never raised nor lowered. But you'd think that it would at least cut the music to 10% of WHATEVER the volume is set at on my system, and it doesn't.

    My only guess is that RR just has no idea when iGuidance is trying to talk. In that case... What do all of you do to remedy this problem? And why would this even be an option if RR had no way of knowing when iGuidance is telling me to make my left turn in 2000 feet

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    RR isn't designed to do this with IGuidance. IGMon, which you will find in this forum, will do that for you in RR.
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    What I did before I got iGMon was set the master volume as my main volume control, set wave to 100%, and winamp volume to about 50%, then set iGuidance's (in program, not RRconfig) volume to like 80% so the voice isn't absurdly loud. It generally comes out clear if you don't mind music in the background while it's speaking. It's all personal preference though.

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    didn't realize IGMon fixed this issue... and I was just recently looking into putting that in my car so the buttons are easier to use in iGuidance.

    Thanks for the help guys!

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