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Thread: RR-06-03-06 Hibernation

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    RR-06-03-06 Hibernation

    Has anyone seen this behaviour too?

    Since I upgrade to the last RR realease (060306) every time when my pc wakes up after hibernation it takes about 5-10 seconds before I see RR appearing on the screen and music starts playing. Freedrive etc... is displayed fine but RR itself keeps waitng bofre showing itself.
    Before the upgrade it started immediatly when the hibernation wake up was done.

    Is think it is related with the "wait for USB soundcards" that is build in into this last release but I can not find it immediatly how or where to disable it.

    Somebody the same issue?
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    It's mentioned in the README.txt

    This tells RR to wait and restart the mixer when resuming from Hibernation. Mainly used to improve support of
    USB Sound cards. Default=false (use standard sound card).

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